Westland Tree Removal

Tree Removal seems like it would be easy enough, you just take a sharp object and hit the tree until it falls on the ground, and then you throw it in the trash, right? Well, actually tree removal is actually a much bigger job than you think it is, and it is best left for the professionals to do. The professionals are well-trained and familiar with the proper techniques of chopping down and removal of trees, as well as the many safety procedures that are vital in the process. They know how to cut down the tree with expedience and efficiency. The following article goes through the equipment, techniques, and expertise that our professionals possess so you can be sure that you get the best service for your money.

The equipment that our professional come prepared with are all completely necessary to the removal of a tree. The following are the absolute minimum of what they'll need: Protective Gear, First Aid Kit, Chainsaw, Ladder, Rope, Ax, and Wedges. The first thing you need to consider when you're wondering if a tree needs to be chopped down, other than if you just don't want the tree in your yard are these: Does the tree lean in a way that it isn't supposed to? Are there any branches that are dead or broken? Is there a spot that the tree can safely fall without causing any collateral damages? Are there any other trees nearby that would be damaged from the fall? Once you have answered these questions, that's when it's time to contact your professional tree removal service.

There is a rather sizable range in prices when it comes to the service of tree removal. The cost depends on a variety of different factors, and you could spend as low as $130, up to $1,500 or more, depending on the following factors: The size of the tree is, typically, the largest factor. Obviously, smaller trees that are up to about 30 feet only cost you around $150 to $450, medium sized trees that are between 30 and 60 feet in height will cost between $200 and $950. And the largest trees that go from 60 to 100 feet in height will cost you about $600 to $1,500 or more. The diameter of the tree, or the thickness of the trunk, is also a great factor in determining the price of the tree removal service, because the thicker the trunk, the more difficult the tree will be to chop down, and also, the heavier the tree will be. Also, if the tree is rotted or diseased, that will also affect the price of the service. The cost includes cutting the tree down to a small stump, chipping and hauling away its branches, and chopping the trunk into manageable sections. However, you could also add a few additional services onto the total bill such as stump grinding and wood splitting.